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Day 220

Gondola girls!

I had no idea. No idea about these things. They are big , much bigger than on tv. We were not alone either , we were accompanied by some people from London England. They seemed a bit surprised when they found out Thumper and I were "together" lol . The two men kept looking over probably never seen two girls in love before . Thumper kept dragging her hand in the water and the Gondolier sort of glared lol probably worried she would steer us into a collision with another boat! Sadly- the biggest disappointment - it was incredibly busy and I think they are letting too many people visit at once. For those of you who are interested I always thought the guy "punted" the boat along with a long pole touching the bottom. But the lagoon is very deep and the oar he uses sits in a yoke and he just moves it side to side to propel us along. The other fascinating thing is the metal strips you see at the bow are to counterbalance the Gondoliers weight to stop him doing a wheelie lol. It was like being in a film set .

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