Day 10

Good People

My mother calls and tells me of her drama with the people she works with, how everyone tries to make her lose her job and such. Her friend tells her it's because she's a good person and people are jealous of her-sadly she believes her. Mom explains to me how life is just hard sometimes and people are mean. Let's get one thing straight-when all you ask out of the divorce is to not pay for anything in your two children's lives, ever, you are not a good person. When there is no custody battle and you express no interest in seeing your straight-A, president of her sorority and his of fraternity, respectable children-you are not a good person. Yes, I do know that the world is cruel and people are mean, mother, because you have taught me that.

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  • torch torch
    88 months ago

    The sad thing is she probably believes her version of life.

    Selfish Spectacle Syndrome.

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