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Day 639

Halloween prank, then there were 5....

I live for pranking - it's one of the things that gets me out of bed every morning, knowing that sometime during the day, I will crack a good joke, or just have a chance to do something really silly.

So it was fortuitous when OldLoquaciousGF game me one of those "hoodie masks" that had a white skull printed on it. I would upload a photo, but the Pencourage photo uploader is on the blink....

I went to my radiation appointment bright and early, put the hood around my neck, and then they put me in the machine, not knowing I had this thing around my neck.

While I was getting my treatment (it only takes about 5 minutes), I pulled the hood over my head, and the mask part over my chin, mouth and cheeks.

When the technicians came back into the room after my "daily dose", they have to lower the table I'm laying on (it's usually about 5 feet in the air during treatment....) and didn't they have a little surprise.

The rest of the day I wore a whistle around my neck, and when people asked me what I was dressed as, I said matter-of-factly, that I'm a "whistle blower."

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