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Day 273

Hang Up - WRLD

Today I cleaned out every habitat on my own, so I took complete advantage of the situation and gave gavey critter lots of love and attention while doing my rounds. The sweetest rat gave me kisses, another hamster wouldn't stop trying to climb up my arm and into my hair, and the guinea pigs loved their cuddles.

My favourite rabbit keeps following me around the room while I clean, oh man, do I want to take that little boy home with me. What a sweetheart.

When I was done and making sure things were near around the store a lady approached me and asked if I would 'be okay' with holding her puppy while she tried collars on him.

Internally I was like
Is that even a real question?
Hahah I got to hold him for a glorious ten minutes before my shift ended. Then I held him for another 10 because this lady was very indecisive. I specifically offered no help in deciding which colour collar she should get-just saying they all looked good-because it meant more cuddle time with this wrinkled-faced cutie who was giving me tonnes of kisses! Oh my word, I love this job.

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