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Day 319

He is a well behaved baby

It's 4am, we've finished a feed and he's in his moses basket chattering away to himself. In that aspect, he is really good - during the night he seems content to just be in his basket until he falls asleep. He doesn't really cry like he does through the day - I'm hoping it means he understands the difference between night and day.
He's starting to practice with his voice. He makes these funny little noises and sometimes even gives out a shout. It's incredibly endearing to listen to, even if it does keep me awake. I don't mind when he's being sweet.
Still no smiles but he's getting visibly excited when we interact with him, and the sides of his mouth twitch. I'm hoping it's soon. I'm desperate for that interaction with him. They usually expect it from a full term baby at 6 weeks. He is coming up to 3 months old but he's technically only coming up to a month so there's still time.
I can't believe 3 months has already passed. I've been toying with the idea of going back to work at 6. We need the money, but I don't know if I can...

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