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Day 563

Hectic day at work

So today was more than a challenge at work. First off we had to do 2 days work in one, no easy feat at the best of times. Then I was put with the 2 slowest workers, who refuse point blank to push themselves unless the manager is around. They are just happy to float along as if nothing really matters or anyone else hasn't got a home or family to go to. I find it very selfish and frustrating. And no matter how much I try to hurry them, there is no moving them. I actually felt like walking out and leaving them to do the cleaning.

Another thing is that one of them made a mistake, and apparently I'm to blame. Well sod that, I'm not a supervisor, and definitely not getting paid the wages of a supervisor.

I was definitely glad to get home today. Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully a calmer and more relaxed day lol.

I hope everyone is doing well. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxx

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