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Day 21

Hello again and again

It is strange - I started posting on this site in 2013 as Waiting for a Life and I wrote and wrote and then Pencourage sent me off to Scotland with some incredible people (who I still talk with, 1 of which is very close to my heart) and then I became NOT waiting any more because I thought my life was going to change completely and that my dreams were coming true. After 19 months I realise that I was kidding myself - yes things have changed and my path is completely different and I am doing good for others but there are massive things I miss very much. Things like managing a team and having colleagues. Things like working with men. Things like not being on 24h call and being able to go away when I want. It was a major decision and it was made out of love. The good definitely outweighs the bad however - Hubby is a super star in this country and is doing so well so that great.

I have no idea why I am back - I miss the on line friendships and chatter maybe?

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  • runcicle runcicle
    10 months ago

    We certainly need more chatter (although I'm not very good at it).

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  • FlyAway FlyAway
    10 months ago

    I came back for similar reasons. I was and still am floundering outside my walls. I wanted to say hi to everyone again.

    I've missed you.

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  • lacrimosaangel lacrimosaangel
    10 months ago

    I came back too. Hope you've been keeping well

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  • Hi there! 3 names I know so well. Lack how are your girls - gorgeous as ever I'm certain, runic le you and I go way back when so it's cool if know you're an observer and well my Dearest FlyAway - so much to say and so few words.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I came back too... a quick change from being Ezzwig, but apart from that everything is as it was.
    Good to hear from you Not waiting. You were so very kind to me back in the early days on here.
    Thank you for that.

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  • Lammy Lammy
    10 months ago

    I missed you lady! Xxx

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  • Lams- what the f is that photo - let me see that beautiful face please!
    And Hepzibah - I wasn't kind as such, I just knew you were worth it. x

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