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Day 444

Here we are again.

This time last year Son was getting ready for his first ever trip to America to work at a Summer camp on the San Juan Islands, this year he is getting ready to go again. He enjoyed it so much last year and made some wonderful international friends that he is going back to the same camp. Some of his friends are returning as well.

The flight has been booked, the coach to the airport has been booked and his trip from Sea-Tac to the ferry booked. Clothes are washed and accumulating in the spare bedroom. New hiking boots have been bought. Sterling exchanged for dollars. The excitement is building . . .

Tomorrow evening I am taking him out for a meal (WH is going to see his son). Wednesday will be spent double checking and fitting everything into two rucksacks.

Thursday morning I take him to catch the 5.30 coach from Bristol to Heathrow.

Let the adventure begin.

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