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Day 27

Him. Part 2.

Okay, just a few minutes ago I caved and I looked at my ex's Facebook profile. I know, I know! What am I doing? Why did I even check it? Well, I just wanted to see if he was still in his relationship, that's all. And, in some respect I'm glad that I looked.


I won't lie to you, I did point my index finger at the screen and shout "HA!" because he deserved it for just dumping me out of the blue and as I'm his ex, I'm allowed one "HA!". However, the "HA" wasn't because he was newly single again, but because I didn't feel anything.

Lately, I have been putting all of my emotions towards him to bed. I have accepted that he's a piece of me but I'm no longer holding onto memories of him nor do I have any desire to be back in that relationship again. In fact, I'm dreaming of my next boyfriend and what he will bring into my life. I'm free.

Here, here to moving on!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    77 months ago

    I gloated some when I was told my ex was single again - I think that is allowed ;-) Your post made me smile x

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  • Plume de nom Plume de nom
    77 months ago

    Yes, it is allowed, but please block him to save yourself any future heartache.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    77 months ago

    Plume is right, get rid of him now. I deleted my fb account and it was a relief! But the less drastic solution would be a good idea x

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  • ScousexoGirl ScousexoGirl
    77 months ago

    Haha! Thank you LostForWords, your agreement made me smile haha!

    But, Plume de nom, I have done. All gone now.

    Thank you both xoxo

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