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Day 637

Hip hop dancing

Joined a gym last week, so far have done 2 body balance classes (Pilates/yoga/tai chi to music) yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics, swam 3 times, used the gym and last night, body jam class. Body jam was brilliant. I was useless, but I laughed through the whole class, it's a mixture of hip hop, trance, house. By the end I was sweating like mad, but also smiling. We had such great fun we've rebooked for next week. I'm up to 26lbs lost now. So def going in the right direction. Still a long way to go, but people are noticing which is nice.

Work been a bit meh, I went for an interview during the week, the job itself looks interesting, but whether I'm the right person for it I don't know. Also the money isn't there, so even if I was offered it, it would be unlikely I'd go for it. Shame, its local, Monday to Friday 9-5. I've never worked for a job 9-5!

Hope your all ok!

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