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Day 592

How can people piss me off sooo much?

The slow coaches are back in work! And dont I know it! Oh my god, how can they not see that while they are pissing around, and chatting other people are breaking their necks to pick up the slack? And their hygiene is an issue too. Im absolutely appalled by it! I actually had words with them over them going slow today. But as always, it didn't make one bit of difference. Tomorrow will be a turning point i think.

And on top of that, I got my period. I think that most things annoyed me today because of it. Stupid hormones, stupid mood swings and cramps and people in general annoying the bjeezus out of me. Oh and ive been off of the pill for 2 months now. Surgeon told me to stop taking it a month before my proceedure and said that it should be in november sometime. Ive still not heard anything from the hospital about it. Maybe ill phone them tomorrow and see whats happening. Im fed up of waiting at this stage!

I hope everyone is ok. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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