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Day 618

How to control TMI (Too Much Information)

OldFriend stops me after services yesterday. It is "shabbat shuvah," the sabbath of return. It is the Saturday between Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and Yom Kippur, the day of atonement (although I think of it as a "day of transcendence," which makes it much more spiritual)(I do not believe in literal spirits.).

OldFriend wants to do "shuvah" with her 30 year son, which is the act of setting things right with an friend, acquaintance or loved one.

OldFriend is disappointed in her son's disinterest in her health issues, of which there were many last summer.

I tell OldFriend that sometimes you can overload people with information, especially family. I explain how I didn't tell my kids about every detail of my health issues: about the multiple blood tests, the various scans and the biopsy, and it was only when I knew exactly what was going on that I shared the information with them.

Perhaps she should do the same, because going into all the minute details can be overwhelming, especially for a son who just got married and has a high stress job.

It may have penetrated, and told me that at 60, I have actually achieved something called "wisdom."

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