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Day 29


Why is it humiliating to be cheated on? I didn’t do anything wrong, I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. But I feel embarrassed anyways.

Stories made it to me that he got a new girlfriend shortly after he got home... And I’m just now hearing about this through a mutual friend. The girlfriend is always the last to know and I’m curious if anyone who heard about her thought “but what about Miranda?”

I’m facing the fact that it’s time to pack up the him-related stuff. The custom t-shirt he made for me for our first date, his CDs, the guitar pick I found on my floor after the long weekend we had, his Girl Scout cookies in my freezer. The one thing I don’t know what to do with is the piece of art I bought at his benefit concert. I love it but it breaks my heart. My weird hobby brought us together but the reminder of him causes so much pain. How do I reclaim my life whe he permeates one of the things that used to bring me joy? How do I separate the memories of him from the music? How do I dance again?

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  • Owen Wong Owen Wong
    15 months ago

    sometimes the best way to deliver your punch is to step back.

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