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Day 19

I am thinking I am burnt out.

Once again my boss was sick probably for the week again which means I get double the work done half as good. Not the kind of situation I like. They keep promising a raise but it has been a year and and that hasn't happened. I am also dancing/performing too much I think! Hardly a day that isn't filled with work or dance. No time to sew and I have a big event coming up. Very tired out. Just kind of worn out. Stepped back from learning one new dance but still stuck with a more than I like. Volunteering at the end of this week should be interesting if my manager is gone. Still have at least a month of being busy to go! Hope I get a weekend for my own projects soon! Really want to go and dance on my own a bit but never any time. Always doing other stuff and not time to concentrate. Apparently time to go per cat!

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