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Day 538

I close my eyes and still...

I see him there, suit and tie, looking sharp and commanding.

The darkness of the weekend now passed, a light flooding my vision, warmth in my heart, his smile resonating in my dreams. The delicate fall of his hands against my skin, the way his eyes seem to sparkle when he walks through the door and I'm there waiting.

4000 miles is a long way. t's a harsh distance and it's so hard. But the thought of our month together shall keep me going. 5 weeks and all will be right again.

And we have so many plans made. Of Christmas shopping, hot chocolates with a film, fairylights twinkling...
Of rope and knots, clamps and chains. His hand hard and firm, his kiss gentle and longing.

I can't wait to get back to him, back to where I belong, where I feel safe, wanted, desired and protected. Our growing dynamic merely accentuating and reinforcing the bond we share, making it stronger and unbreakable.

5 weeks.
It's not that long... a whole lifetime ahead of us.

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