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Day 254

I dreamt of you

Do you remember that night when we rabbit sat and made love through the night?
We were two young kids feeling intense emotion, making out in the moonlight. It felt so right, just you and I, like it was something out of a dream.

Since you've been gone, I don't know what I've done - you're just something like a memory.

You always looked so right with your jeans on tight like you're walking in a magazine. When you held my hand, said you were my man and you only had eyes for me. You were something out of a dream.

Am I stupid or do I want you back? How do I know? Can I ever let you go?

Do you remember that night when the world felt just like nothing and everything? When you kissed me hard when you laid me down and I felt my ears start to ring. It was just us in the universe, but that was just our downfall. We felt so invincible, maybe that was our curse. When I was you nothing seemed blue, nothing else mattered. Everything was good as gold just until our world's shattered.

Do you remember that night?

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