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Day 565

I Have To Break Up With NewOldGF....

I'm just not able to handle this level of intensity from a partner, or anyone for that matter. She sends multi-part texts, has a life that is so complex that if you say "let's get together for a cup of coffee," it will involve 2 phone calls, 3 emails and then she'll be an hour late. It's just all annoying.

She is the kindest hearted person I know: she strikes up conversations with strangers on the subway, offers their children food, and takes care of her family, her friends and neighbors. But it's all too much for me; I don't need this kind of attention that pushes the boundaries that I have set for myself.

I was out with MexicanGal last night; I still have no idea how old she is, but I suspect in her early 30's, which makes her 25 or so years younger than me. Yet we went to a wonderful movie she picked out, talked about it afterwards, and just made gentle conversation. She's warm and friendly, and doesn't push my boundaries (although I would like to push hers a bit: she has wonderful, soft lips that I like to kiss....)

I will take action tomorrow. Stay tuned....

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