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Day 369

I suppose I should restart this...

I think, actually, I should have restarted this earlier.

I've been miserable whilst the kids have been away this week at their maternal Grandad's. This was arranged a few weeks ago, with my wife saying that she wouldn't be there to see them. Then, during camp, I found out that she was discharged from the hospital to stay at her Dad's. Took me a few days to get my head around that.

The kids seem to have had a good time, which is the main thing. I'm looking forward so much to getting them back today. I've missed them loads.I've bought tickets for us to go to a modern circus at the Edinburgh Festival, which I hope they'll enjoy. I hope I do too.

I've been spending some time on Kik, on divorce support groups, which have been helpful. They also take my mind of my circumstances as I help others. And then there's today...

Just made my appointment for my initial individual session for family mediation. This coming Thursday.I assume I'll get to recount the whole circumstances again.

Not going to fill in the gap in my journal. PM if you want a summary.

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