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Day 95

I'm Going Away Soon.

On the 31st, I'm going to Spain. Somewhere near where I used to live, Javea, and I'm a little bit lost on how I feel about it right now.

There's the fact that I'm not allowed to bring my boyfriend of a year and a half with me, even though my parents have both admitted they think he is the best guy on the planet for me, because they think this vacation should be a family one. Why is it only my mother's side of the family actually thinks African? In our world, people who become close to us, we treat like family, because family does not only limit to sharing DNA to us. My dad doesn't think like this, though, and he won't let bf come along... Even when he offered to pay for himself and contribute to the vacation!

So for those reasons, I'm pretty bummed about not being able to see him for two weeks.

On the other hand, I'm leaving England and going to a place I know is part of my home - the sun, the sea, the wind... One doesn't get that type of stuff here.

I'm ready for an adventure, I guess.

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