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Day 40

I'm not even moved in yet.

So I bought a house.

I'm pretty apprehensive, and I'm excited to be moving out of my aunt's and to be on my own finally. Sort of. My sister is moving with me, supposedly to keep me from becoming a complete hermit. Okay.

But somewhere along the way, a friend of mine ended up getting an invite. Everyone acts like it was my idea, and I'm very glad I'm going to be able to split the mortgage with her, and give her a better place to be than her super toxic family home. But here's the thing.

I'm not even closed yet and she's driving me nuts. She's bringing her dog. I can't complain, because I have a cat. But hers is a Pomeranian, and I detest poms. And I have to take it because her father threatened to shoot it if she left it at home. This morning she asked if we could put a cabinet in the new dining room to house the "two big boxes of salt and pepper shakers her mom gave her".

I'm starting to get worried about all of her junk.

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