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Day 6

I've been dating an idiot... shame on me.

I've discussed my new ex's son and his struggle with mental illness (he's been diagnosed as bi-polar.) Contrary to what my ex would believe, this does not bother me. First, because I have friends and family with mental illnesses, so I don't stigmatize it. But also because I know it's not a death sentence: my town, luckily, has lots and lots of resources for both those who struggle with mental illness and for those who have family members with mental illness.

My new ex, however, is reconciled to the suffering for both her and her son. She thinks that that he will never get better, and is preparing herself to be his caretaker for the rest of her life,

I've been trying to hook her up with resources for the past 2 years: I've shown her "respite houses" that he can visit when he's having a crisis, researched subsidized apartments where he can live on his own with social workers on call, as well as support groups she can go to alone or with him. I've even called therapists.

She has done nothing.

So it's time to admit it: this lovely, kind, gentle woman is a complete idiot. That's my only explanation.

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