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Day 520

I've been sick....

I caught a head cold. And managed to get sent home early yesterday as a result. I stayed in work for as long as I could, they all kept telling me to go home as I looked like shit!!!! Even several hot whiskeys haven't helped at all. I think they just work at the time.

So anyway. Stocky bloke has been in touch, we met up the other week and the inevitable happened. Then barely anything since then. And even though he told me not too be shy about texting him, and said it was great to see me and that we had left it soo long. I was supposed to give him a massage, but we got carried away.

Then Random guy phoned last week. Telling me I was some stubborn bitch, I hadn't heard from him or contacted him in over a month. I knew if I did I'd just be so angry at myself. So I didn't. I deserve to be treated a lot better than the way he has treated me.

More on the guys tomorrow.

Happy st Patricks day to you all. Lots of love, big hugs and big sloppy kisses. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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