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Day 56

If you don't have expectations you won't be disappointed

So I wanted to come back here and write some of my thoughts mostly so I can track how this goes down. I feel peoples sadness more than their happiness and I rarely feel happy. I have a great life, great job and am newly wed so (for the most part) my husband adores me. we've been together almost 5 years, married a few months and I care deeply for him & the thought of the two of us breaking up upsets me greatly but I don't have the emotions I should have to chase him and to make it better. Ever since we got married he's been preoccupied with work so I have barely seen or spent time with him. I think because I don't really feel things at the best of times, the lack of time spent together has really put up a wall between us. I just want things to be like they were probably a year ago, I regret getting married because I think that has made things worse because you start to have expectations of how he should be behaving/how our relationship/our sex life should be, I think we functioned better as boyfriend and girlfriend.....

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  • Tammie Tammie
    18 months ago

    Maybe you could try having date nights with your husband. It'll give you both something to look forward to, plus its a time you can set aside for just the 2 of you, no work, no other distractions. And talk to each other. I over heard one of the guys in work talking about his upcoming nuptuals he said " we dont need vows, or valentines day to show each other how we feel. We say I love you every day, and O try to do something special for her any time I can, because I love her." I thought it was sweet, and it did make me think about relationships. Maybe his is the way to do things.

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