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Day 391

Immovable object

Everything was going well today. Made progress at work. Bought dinner ingredients at lunchtime, as I hadn't got to the shops at the weekend. Was able to leave work a little early.

Then realised I'd left my dinner ingredients in the office (thankfully, not perishable).

The kids were really helpful, getting on with homework, eating their beans on toast and my son getting ready for Beavers. All while letting me cook dinner for later.

All good when taking my son to Beavers and going food shopping with my daughter. Then we came home and the messing around started. Told them their dinner would be in the bin. They carried on. Heated up their dinner and left it hidden. Spoke about their behaviour then let them have their dinner, which had cooled again.

Son ate it. Daughter complained. Offered her the chance to just go to bed, but if she woke up hungry then she'd get her dinner cold to eat.

It took a while, a lot longer than I thought it would, but eventually she started to eat her dinner.

I can only hope that a lesson was learned...

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  • CongenitalWriter CongenitalWriter
    11 months ago

    Good one! Eating dinner should be a gentle social occasion, not a battle.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    11 months ago

    Good for you Plume. Though I must admit. This never worked for me when I was a kid. My Dad and I often had running battles over me not eating food. 2 both very stubborn people butting heads at the dinner table used to drive my Mam mad.

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