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Day 691

In Which I Find My Romance Posted In A Blog

I was googling my ex-wife, because I needed her address to get take care of a financial transaction. Buried among all the websites which offer up background checks (one of them did have her address), I found a blog entry from 2010 by a German journalist telling the story of how my ex and I met on the Alexanderplatz in East Berlin on a beautiful June day.

It was weird: we split up 4 years prior to this article being written, and it goes into great detail about that day: my ex compared it to the movie "Before Sunrise," because I had to leave East Berlin before midnight (remember, it was still an "Iron Curtain" country back then.)

Of course, many of the details were incorrect (how else do you create drama) particularly about how hard our financial life was (we actually owned a lovely apartment down the block from Prospect Park), but what can you do?

I did have a flashback to those days and remember: I was head over heels in love with this person. I've done the same with a few women since. Where has it gotten me?

On the other hand, some people never have that, even once.

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