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Day 571

In Which I Get A Camera Put In My Penis....

Today was the day it ended: all the kidney stone work concluded with a visit to the urologist to remove the last stent.

I've been trying to wrap my head around how it is possible to put an instrument through your penis and into the bladder, find this little piece of tubing, and pull it back out while the person is lying on a table?

Turns out it's all pretty easy: you have a tube that has a flashlight, camera and a set of grippers. The tip of the penis gets numbed with some anesthetic, the tube goes in, the light gets turned on and the insides get lit up on a television screen. The doctor maneuvers the grabber, the assistant opens and closes it, they give it a tug, repeat a few times, next thing you know, the stent is out and they're holding it in front of you...

I jump off the table, happy as a lark: it's all done! I use the rest of the day to nap, get a body massage, eat a lamb burger and fries, take a swim, and just celebrate being stone and stent free.

Only thing missing; getting laid.....

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