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Day 353

In Which I Make Fun of Bubbles....

Bubbles got a little worked up the other day. It went like this:

"When I stay over to your place, I think I should just bring stuff for 2 nights, because it's such a pain to go back to my place the second day and pick up my stuff and then come back, and then if you stay over at my place, you would have to pack your stuff and then take it with you the next day when you go to work. So maybe I should just pack 2 days worth of things......"

I smile. Actually, I grin....

"You know," I point out, "that this is not going to be an actual problem for much longer. Remember, I'm moving into the house around the corner from you in a few weeks..."

She rolls her eyes. "Oh, I forgot that!"

I remark, "well, yeah. So you don't have to pack much of anything when you come over. You can even go to your place and pick up anything you want whenever you want. And I can stay at your place...."

She laughs.

"Oh, don't you feel sooooo smart?" she says, giving me a look. "I'll bet you were just waiting to be a smart aleck."

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