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Day 41

It should be great, but I'm screaming on the inside.

I bought a house right before Christmas, and I've just started moving in. It feels a little weird in there, kind of hollow.

Additionally, the day I was going to spend my first night there, my boss told me he was resigning, and he was recommending me for his position. This is an incredible promotion to a salaried position and a considerable raise.

I'm terrified.

I don't feel comfortable in my new house yet, which I know will come with time. It just feels like I'm playing a very expensive game of house rather than setting up my own life finally.

And the job thing is so up in the air. I have to apply for it and go through the whole rigmarole; the VP told me he was collecting all the resumes he could. I don't think I can work under another manager, they promoted mine above me last time and I trained him as it was. I'm so scared they're going to get someone else who screws everything up. My boss is kind of blase about the whole thing since he's leaving in two days while I frantically try to cram seven years of experience into a few days' training.

I'm so scared.

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  • AcaMartian10 AcaMartian10
    51 months ago

    Baby, you're going to be fine. Do 'not' be scared - I wish I could be there for you, in person, but well, I'm across the world, so here's all my love to you, in spirit.
    You're stronger than this.
    You've got 7 years' worth of experience - show that panel what you've got.
    If anybody deserves some real happiness, it's you - fight for that role like it's the last time you're going to give it your all.
    Show them who you are - you're not going to allow some rookie to come and screw up this role, are you? No, you aren't.
    Knock their socks off, Champ.
    Hugs and fingers crossed
    P.S. Need a house-warming invitation :) congratulations on your 'Home'. Don't call it a house, it ain't one - it's got you in it.
    It'll be what you want it to be, so make peace with it already!

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