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Day 348

It was all a rouse

Yesterdays post was just to see what the PC community reads. I was just messing xx

4 years ago I admit I was a Cougar, having just released myself from an average marriage and was looking for something more than average, if you get my drift. And boy, did I research those statistics !

Now. Im a little older and things have sadly changed. Not my appearance , as I still look after it; sexy dresses and exercise .

But my hormones are rebelling.
At 51 I'm a peri Menopausal woman struggling though each day. Some days I'm really grateful for all I have and really happy. Like today.

Then boom, I'm feeling I should step off this ride and let those around me enjoy their lives, without me as a burden. That's probably how I'll feel tomorrow.

I never knew how much this could affect a woman. Hot flushes I can comprehend. But the levels of joint pain, tiredness and extreme malaise I cannot. My hair is going thin and apparently I may loose my sex drive. Soo much to look forward to, then, for the next year (or so)

Mother Nature is so cruel

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  • runcicle runcicle
    9 months ago

    Am I correct in reading that as a euphemism because the word 'lying' won't come out?

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