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Day 118

It's Finally Over

Over 2 years ago Honeybun did something really stupid and was found unconscious on the ground in a ditch. I'll never forget calling his cellphone repeatedly at 2 am, wondering why he hadn't come home, and hearing an officer answer. He told me Honeybun was found in a ditch, unresponsive. He purposefully made me think Honeybun was dead; and when I tried to scream, nothing came out before I fell to the ground. Though he wasn't operating a vehicle at the time, he was charged with a DUI, and we've been fighting it ever since.

Over 2 years of fighting. Of taking days off work just to find that the date had been moved - again. Of waiting, because sometimes that's all we could do. Of seeing the same judge's face countless times. Of listening to the prosecutor talk shit about Honeybun's case, not realizing we could hear. Of Honeybun having an impossible time job-hunting because he couldn't pass a background check. Of defending him against both our families. Of holding him up when he sunk into depression and didn't want to live anymore.

This morning Honeybun's lawyer handed him a sheet of paper with only one sentence on it:

"Case Dismissed."

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  • runcicle runcicle
    8 weeks ago

    Sounds as if Honeybun, and you, were the victims of a malicious officer.

    He may have been just over-zealous, but your description, and the postponements, suggest to me that someone in the system was sufficiently unimpressed by the evidence to dig deeper.

    Be thankful to whomever and for however that came about.

    Don't rub your families' noses in it. They will feel their prejudices even more keenly if you make nothing of it.

    Well done for your endurance and continuous support.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    8 weeks ago

    This is awesome; you can truly carry on with your one "wild and precious lives."

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  • George Smith George Smith
    8 weeks ago

    Hooray! What an enormous relief for you both, Otter. Life can start again. Well done for holding on through such a terrible time. xx

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  • Otter Otter
    8 weeks ago

    Thanks, everyone! I definitely didn't rub it in anyone's face - and in fact my family was excited for the result as well. I can finally start seeing our future more clearly, and my body is so tired today. I feel really slowed down after my body finally released all the stress it's been holding onto for so long. I feel lighter, but a little sore, as if I've finally ended a really intense workout. lol! I am so thankful to whomever aided in the final decision. It helped that the arresting officer was an awful individual who was known for breaking protocol. In fact, he apparently lost his job a little over a year ago, disappeared to another state, and doesn't work on the police force anymore. The details about his sudden move is a mystery to most, but people suspect he was running from something.

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