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Day 516

It's oh so real... 54 days...

It is all become very real, very fast! My heart racing all day, tears threatening constantly at the corners of my eyes.

The day we've waited for has arrived. I have finally booked my tickets, sending him a message to wake up. Crying over the phone unable to speak through happiness. Hearing you get so excited you start shouting at 6am. My heart full, warm, safe.

54 days. That's all we need to wait until we can start this next chapter.

There is no going back now. It is real, it is happening. Taking the first steps down a path that is going to change our lives forever. Mine, yours, our girls'. It's scary, exciting and absolutely wonderful, I can't wait!

And so, here's to the next 53 days of planning, preparing and psyching myself up for a rollercoaster of emotions.

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