Day 21

it's PTSD

So, the whole depression and scared to go outside is PTSD from my ex.
MY ex that used to hit and beat me up and make me feel like it was my fault. My ex that told the everyone that knew me that I hit and caused bruises. The ex that got my kids taken away because I had a nervous breakdown because I
gave up everything to be in a relationship with. THAT ex!
THAT ex lives 500m away from me. Moving is not an option. Every night I am scared to see that face looking in my window and threatening me, or smashing my things, or throwing my keys in the dark.
THAT ex made me a wreck!
The doctor has put me on oxazepam so I can get through the day and not be scared that I am being watched all the time, and and night Tamazepam. I am a lot more at ease and my muscles are not so tense, but still, THAT ex could come and get me anytime and flip my world upside down :(

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