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Day 668

James and Sunny

I feel leaden. For two reasons: 1) James has told me that he can’t look after Ma more than when we are on holiday 2) Sunny is ungrateful, rude and angry and has said that he won’t fit in with the family.

James said that he finds it ‘very, very stressful’ having Ma in their house. He said this many times: because their house is not flat, too many steps, and steps in the garden. Twice she has fallen over when she has been staying with him and one of those times they had to take her to hospital. On top of that he hopes to have another job as soon as possible. So that’s that.

Sunny tells me he doesn’t have a relationship with me. Every time I see him I tell him what to do. He lay in bed until after midday today. He wouldn’t get out of bed when Beloved asked him to mow the lawn. He had promised to get a job and still he hasn’t. He should learn how to drive but no action there either. I attempted to talk to him but he ended up shouting and swearing at me.

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