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Day 457

Job hunt and lunch date

The job hunt continues via a chat with a friend who was my line manager at my previous employer. He's suggested a particular line of work to look at, which could require a little training but could be a good means of getting into a stable career path. I need to speak with my sister and brother-in-law tonight about that, to get their advice and because they have offered to pay for a training course for me.

Just had a lunch date with a lovely woman who is only 7 months younger than me. She's said that we can see each other again. She is easy to chat to and has the most delightful voice. I'm not sure how long you are meant to wait before sending a "thank you and can we make another arrangement" message, but I lasted about 20 minutes. Basically the time to get back to my desk and log on to my computer.

She's likely playing the waiting game to not be too keen in sending a reply, though I did suggest chatting tonight to make those arrangements.

Time will tell.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    9 months ago

    A training course might be just the thing you need, it could also open a few doors for you too. Your lunch date sounds like it went really well. I hope it works out for you. And that she doesn't keep you waiting too long. Good luck Plume. Xx

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  • Plume de nom Plume de nom
    9 months ago

    Unfortunately she messaged me on the way home.

    She doesn't see us becoming more than friends. So that sent me into a downer. I got out of it when speaking with my sister & brother-in-law about the possible career path.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    9 months ago

    Well, at least she didnt string you along. The main thing is that you have tried, and Im sure there will be plenty of other dates, just remember to relax, be yourself and have fun.

    And Im glad you managed to cheer up. Xx

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