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Day 19

Just friends ?

Although E wasn't my girlfriend anymore, she was still a very good friend. For the next six months, whenever I went home we would meet up for a chat and a walk.

Well that was what we said, but normally in the last half hour we would get "physically affectionate" with each other - we couldn't help ourselves.

She had a couple of boyfriends in that time, but they both lasted all of a week or two. At university, there was formal dance for a club I was in, and I took another female friend. I tried to be clear from the start to this other friend that it was purely platonic, but she made clear subsequently that she was hoping there was more to it than that. Afterwards I really wished I had invited E, she would have loved to have come and we would have had a GREAT weekend.

After about 6 months we weren't getting over each other very fast, so we decided not to meet again for a while. For the next five years we sent cards at birthdays and Christmas, and phoned each other occasionally.

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