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Day 456

Just over a week down...

No prospects yet on the job front. Some stress now apparent.

Still looking though and my sister & brother-in-law have offered money to help with a training course and/or bills to give me some breathing space.

Nice to have the offer there, but I hope I don't need it.

Tough weekend, with a friend's surprise birthday party. I felt very out of place, so kept in the background and helped out.

A possible meet-up at the weekend didn't occur, but might still tomorrow evening. I've got a confirmed meet-up at lunch tomorrow with a woman that I seem to have gelled with very well by messaging. Face-to-face is a significant step though.

Kids still don't know about the job issue, so will have to keep a happy face on tonight at home. Plus my estranged wife is in the house today, looking at what she'll want from the house. She's back again on Wednesday.

The joys.

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