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Day 8

Just sleep please wee guy

My little 10 month old cannot sleep right through its worse than it ever was! Up at least 3 times a night and i now have beautiful dark lines under my eyes and am thoroughly exhausted. Please help! Have you experienced this? Does it get better? What did you do?

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  • Still That Girl Still That Girl
    88 months ago

    My 1yr old has been through phases of sleeping badly and also well. Sometimes it changes from week to week. i understand your feeling of despair. one i really believe helps both me and my baby is co-sleeping. i know its controversial and not always possible with an unconsenting spouse, but for us it has meant much better sleep. Its much less of a big deal when he does wake. It might work for you. x

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  • happyh happyh
    88 months ago

    Thanks for your comment it is nice to know other have gone through this too :-) x

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