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Day 91


I’ve been spending a lot of time writhing in righteous indignation about having been cheated on. But in the shower this morning (where a great deal of philosophical truths seem to emerge) I decided my ex cheating on me with the Other Woman (and possibly my replacement... the timing of our end and their beginning is in question) may very well be karmic payback for the Tosser.

I tried to tell myself it wasn’t really cheating since we didn’t have sex in the conventional sense... but he definitely cheated on her emotionally with me, and there was some hanky panky even if nudity wasn’t involved. If I was married to him I’d consider his behavior infidelity. Technically the ex didn’t do anything with the Other Woman after the crash that I didn’t do with the Tosser years ago.

So now I’m questioning my own choices and my own morality. What do I do going forward? I keep thinking the ex didn’t deserve me in the first place since he’s a liar and a cheater, but I took part in the same type of behavior as the Other Woman myself, so who am I kidding?

What do I do now?

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