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Day 4

Keeping Mum

Today was busy, I woke up at 11am, knowing full well that I was on a night shift, but with it being Mothering Sunday, I had two hopes of getting any extra sleep, one of them being Bob Hope.

It's only when I got to look in to my mothers eyes that I realised that for one night only, my sleep came second. I'd survive because that's how she raised me. My mum (Mother being the Scientific term haha) is my guardian angel (so is Dad btw ;)) they have been there through thick and thin, and I've been through the mill. I never once asked for their help, but being who they are, they were there.

Please, if you're in an argument or not talking to your folks, try to look beyond the crap that comes from your mouths and realise that your Mum is the only person that would die for you, the only person that would give you everything they have just to see you happy.

Not all parents are perfect, but are you? I just took stock of everything when I went through my own personal hell and had a moment of clarity, if you like.

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