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Day 23

Lack of independence, carer and grandads funeral

There hardly seems to be anybody using pencourage these days. Where has everyone gone?

Other day I had a potential carer visit but mum had asked me if I had any plans for the day then later mentioned this which she had pre-arranged already without discussing it with me. Therefore I couldnt do what id wanted anyway cos I have limited energy. I didnt want this happening because of connections with people we know,times she can/cant come,her age and the fact she could only come a few months all which are pretty vital factors. Ive had enough people walk in and out of my life. It just frustrated me that everything shouted no to me but I had no choice over the matter.

It was my grandads funeral the other not well enougb to go out but I really wanted the last few months of his life to bw well cared for but I couldnt interfere (family issues) and he was only diagnosee with 'probable dementia' after his death.hed had the symptoms many years. Apparently everyone at funeral thought I had something wrong mentally.baffling. mum said, no, imagine your brain going at 100mph but unable to do hardly anything physically.

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  • Sara Sara
    82 months ago


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  • PsychoKitty PsychoKitty
    82 months ago

    Big hugs babe. xxx

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