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Day 7

Last day of Paris trip

We did not really spend good time due to my grumpiness and decided to go to the flat at that night. We argued, fighted, had shitty times. At the end of the night which was almost in the morning, we were okay, finally were able to make a plan for the last day. On wednesday, I left the flat clean, and I was 30 minutes late than the time that we planned to meet. So he said yes to have a lunch with some work related people. I had to sit with 2 old people and try not to be rude while thinking about the last 5 hours that we had before our flight and other things that we planned to do. After spending 1.5 hours in total we finally were able to move our ass to do the things that we planned to do. Thanks to my luck and strikes that happened yesterday in catacombs we decided to not to go there. We ate something in one of his favourite places, visited Monmarte really quickly and spent more than 30 minutes in a sex shop. Then we had to run for the flight.

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