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Day 70

Left Behind

My boyfriend's family initially invited me to a holiday vacation with them, but his eldest sister changed her mind because it costs more to have me along.

So I was left behind. I told my bf that he still has to go, because it would reflect badly on me if I stopped him from going.

We weren't prepared for the extra fees for my stay at the hotel because we thought his sister would handle it, since they invited us. Maybe she changed her mind.

So there he is, on a 3 day holiday.. and here I am... feeling bummed. Well, he feels bummed out too.

There was really nothing we could do. It was a losing situation for me.

I'm just trying not to keep a grudge and keep in mind that when I get invited I should be prepared with my own expenses. Always.

I just wanted to get that off my chest.

I'm off to see some art installations to keep my mind of things. :)

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  • MissK MissK
    15 months ago

    I was in this situation. I got invited to a holiday with my then bf and his friends. Only to be told a few days before there wasn't room enough in the car for me. I tried not to hold a grudge but I was really pissed off, especially as it was 2 weeks and he seemed happier without me there.
    Whatever their reasons, to invite you then retract the invitation is harsh and shows more about them than you.
    Be strong though, its only a few days and then you will have your bf back xx

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  • ilostmyheart ilostmyheart
    15 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your own experiences with something like this too, MissK. I really appreciate it. It sounds awful though, especially since it was 2 weeks. I had a hard time with 3 days.

    My bf felt so bad that he let me go to a swimming party with friends. He paid for my expenses (it was a girls party, so he wasn't included). He also went to my house directly after the family vacation, with some special food from the place they went to...

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  • MissK MissK
    15 months ago

    It was very hard, we ended up splitting a few weeks later. So that was the start of the end.

    At least your boyfriend recognised how hard it was for you and did something to make you feel loved and special after. Maybe suggest that you and him take a weekend away yourselves, so that you can enjoy some quality time together xx

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