Day 46

Let my family spend holidays with religion, instead of me.

My family can spend the holidays with their religion. I want nothing to do with humans that put a religious text before other humans, no matter how they interpret the "fictional" stories within.

NOBODY is required to have religion. It is a belief system, a personal value that to this day has not one shred of evidence of fact. I realize that I am considered less than human for being gay and Atheist. But clearly, I don't fit in with humans. Therefore, the opinions of others matter little to me.

Society is to blame for brain-washing the young minds of children to believe in something that will later handicap their lives. We all know the bible was written by the elite to control the masses. The bible is the only reason people aren't killing each other in the streets for probably behavior that is rightly deserved.

Please try to point out ONE table at the Sunday after church breakfast restaurant where people are acting as the bible teaches them to. The odds are that none of them are. I have experienced this time and time again, and the religious are the most righteous, entitled, misbehaved and hypocritical group of individuals.

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