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Day 352


Another phonecall in the evening, this time me calling her to try and resolve the bombshell issue.

No further forward. I'm still apparently not helping her get better, still apparently abandoned her. She thinks the kids would be sad that I am not helping their mum get better. I said that I think the kids would be shocked by what she did to me.

I can't remember exactly how we got on to the subject, but I ended up telling her what was going through my mind that morning. Telling her all the different times she had the choice to stop doing what she did. Telling her how I felt that if I didn't give her the right answer, then my blood would be all over the walls, the floors and I would be dead.

I think that she was shocked.

I was.

I hadn't spoken it out before then.

I'm still "the only one that views her as a threat". Apparently her designated nurse is going to be phoning me today or tomorrow to talk about things.

That should be interesting...

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