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Day 455

Lost and found

Son phoned at the end of the senior camp. He had lost his wallet. The wallet contained not only bank cards but his driving licence, student rail card, his train ticket from Paddington to home and the pre-loaded camp credit card for buying camp supplies. He contacted his respective banks for his UK and USA bank accounts to cancel his cards but his other worry was that without his driving licence he would not be allowed to drive on mainland USA and he was supposed to be ferrying some of the juniors to SeaTac airport.

He phoned again just after the junior session had ended and camp finished. He had bought a new rucksack and while clearing out his old one he found his wallet.

He has now completed the road trip to San Francisco and travelled to Bellingham, a couple of hours north of Seattle and will return to Seattle in a couple of days ready for the fight home.

This time next week he will be home and getting ready for the return to Uni.

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