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Day 497

Love and sex in Amsterdam

S and G repeated their vows with tears. We spent 3 hours in Vondel Park lolling about in the sunshine and then went to the Recycle Lounge Gallery Club. I had a good time chatting with M; reminded that I was friends with her before she met E, or I met Beloved.

My most interesting chat was with a feminist sex shop owner. She told me how I should be empowering Peachy, talking openly about masturbation and providing her with a dildo. I said I thought that would be an invasion of her privacy. After she left G told us that she was a dominatrix who enjoys being tied to a crucifix naked and inviting those watching to come up do things to her. She and her partner are into S & M and full on kink. She holds sex workshops, teaching women to give the perfect blow job and men to give women great orgasms. Useful for sure. She told me that two weeks ago her partner had asked her to marry him (although they have sex with others). Having heard about their sex lives I wonder why they would bother. Anyway, that was certainly interesting and entertaining.

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