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Day 323


'My One, please could you undo this jar for me?'
With one twist he opens the jar.
'Oh that is fantastic! You are the best jar opener.'
He collects his glass of gin and tonic from the table and goes out of the kitchen with a smile on his face.

'Ah, Ma, a not very subtle form of flattery if I may say so?'
'Well, everybody needs to be encouraged, don't they?'

Only yesterday he was schmoozing up to an old girl friend of his, inviting her to come and stay next month. Ma freaked. 'Oh, no, please not!' Now he is feeling better he wants to party again. The fact that Ma does not want to cook for and entertain his flame is of no interest to him. 'Why, don't you get on with her?' he cruelly asks. 'Not at all. We get along very well.' She is holding him by his arms and turns a face full of supplication and anxiety towards him, 'But, please, not at this time. I do not want to look after another person.' He pushes her away. He has not been kind to her since.

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