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Day 324

Lunch with my uncle and aunt

We went to my uncle's for lunch. He called to say 1 o'clock would be fine - they were very relaxed. We didn't arrive until 1.30. We were late. Very late.

We were greeted by stony faces - not a single smile. F told us she had expected us as 12.30. They could not have been less welcoming. As soon as we gave F the cheeses we had bought for her she said that was perfect for D to take away with him. I told her that the reason we were late was because we had gone out of our way to buy her cheese which we bought specifically for her. I said, 'We always seem to get it wrong. Whatever we give you.' Last time we bought her a chocolate cake which she gave to G.

During lunch she spilt Ma's wine and then blamed Ma. 'You must have put a spell on me that made me knock your glass over.' I rolled my eyes. 'A little imagination is good, you know George.'

I was uneasy throughout. I felt like a bull in a china shop. They are all so delicate to the point of being precious.

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