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Day 526

Ma and me

We video talked to Peachy this morning. The first time since she left on the 14th. I was full of joy seeing her and said my hellos with much excitement and loudly, laughing as I shared the chair with Apple, to be together in the picture she would see of us. Every time I raised my voice Ma copied me, giving that loud horrible cackle. She doesn’t like noise or joy. She thought I was being ridiculous. I had invited her in to the room so she could feel included. I then suggested she might like to leave, go into a more peaceful room. She removed herself quickly.

I have a therapist coming to see her. She is very gloomy about that. She says I am experimenting with her, trying to twist her mind. One of the options is hypnotherapy. I ask her to keep an open mind and to find it interesting. I have told the therapist that Ma is not keen on the hypnotherapy idea. She actually said, before the therapist arrived, ‘My juju is stronger than hers.’ Wow. Does she really think I’d have black magic done on her?

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  • red749 red749
    8 months ago

    Technology it’s a wonderful thing.

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