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Day 331


Our fifth home exchange and this is the most palatial yet! Palatial and yet perhaps stuck in the 1980s. There is something of the shoulder pads about it. Full on wow factor " very ostentatious with gold taps, bath tub set in a marble plinth, marble everywhere, sharp edged glass tables, chandeliers worthy of Superman’s birth place, huge vases, arching orchids, beautiful pool and inviting hammock. We have the palace and they have the cottage. An unequal exchange. And yet there is only air conditioning in the master bedroom and the sitting room. The children are left to sweat out the night. I am sitting still and am sweating. The bath is amazing " like climbing onto the stage and you are the audience " the mirrors shine back at you with your body in full view. And there are two massive rooms for their many clothes " one with a sitting area and two large mirrors. It is luxurious. I feel far too unglamorous for this show piece house; but I like to be here. It’s very large and fun.

It is also Sunny’s 17th birthday today. He got in from Singapore at 1 o’clock last night.

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